Frequently Asked Questions

Adults both resident and nonresident adults must have a fishing license even on private land. Resident and non-resident children under the age of 16 may fish without a license. To purchase a license online for Kentucky click here.

The fish we have in the ponds are bass, red ear sunfish, and primarily catfish. The left and right ponds have roughly 100 catfish and the center pond has 300 catfish. Because of the large number of fish the ponds are aerated, and they are fed once a week. The bass fishing is good with lures, the bluegill (red ear) fishing is great with red worms. Catfishing is best with earthworms on bobber just above the bottom. CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY.

Fishing on the lake includes carp, catfish, bass, crappie, and some of the best bluegill fishing in the state.  Fish the big lake like you would any large body of water. Remember the water is spring fed and is very clear. Chartreuse and brighter colors do not seem to work as well as pumpkin seed or darker colors. CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY. Only kayaks are allowed for fishing on the lake.

Deer hunting, Turkey hunting trips are highlighted on our hunting website,

No hunting occurs while regular guests are on the resort. All cabins are rented 3 times a year only for hunting.  During hunting season if you’re walking through the woods anywhere in Kentucky it is recommended you wear hunter orange.

Unfortunately, due to COVID there is currently no inside dining in Kentucky.  There are several small places to get a sandwich or “quick” pizza relatively close please see our things to do page here for local restaurants.

The Forks Country Store, and Sailings Grocery & Bait Shop offer gas and groceries.

For fast food you can go to Brownsville or to Leitchfield. We highly recommend you bring plenty of groceries. The allure of our resort to most guests is being remote, please prepare for that.

Just past cabin number 3 is a road going up the hill. Go through the gate (not locked) and you can walk the entire 2-3 mile trail, or you can drive down to the parking lot and just see the cave and waterfall.

No, however, in special circumstances we make exceptions.

No. You can bring them and go to the ATV park and ride.

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